We can get bored with romance and drama sometimes, but the genre thriller always gets out heart racing! It’s that thrill, suspense, and sudden change of plots that make thriller movies so intriguing. With the intertwined subplots, thrillers never fail to provide a feeling of anxiety, suspense, and excitement to its viewers. Each movie delivers a unique storyline which ensures the buildup of tension among its viewers. If you want that particular rush of adrenaline that thrillers elicit, then you should definitely not miss these movies!

  1. Fracture (2007)

Theodore Crawford is arrested for trying to murder his wife by shooting her in the head. According to an expert lawyer Willy Beachum, it is an open and shut case. However things are not what it seems when Crawford decides to be his own attorney. The hope for an easy trial is marred when Crawford turns out to be a crafty and devious man than Willy had assumed him to be.

  1. Knives Out (2019)

A brilliant suspense thriller revolving around the highly dysfunctional family of renowned novelist Harlan Thrombey. When Harlan is mysteriously found dead in his mansion, Benoit Blanc, a famous detective starts investigating the case. Soon he uncovers that everyone in the Thrombey family is a prime suspect. How will detective Blanc unravel the twisted lies of the family and find the culprit?

  1. Bad Times At The El Royale (2018)

A once glamorous hotel, El Royale is now a deserted hotel situated in the border between Nevada and California. Set in the early 1970s, this suspense thriller features an extremely talented cast. When seven strangers meet in the hotel on a fateful night, a string of secrets start to come out. Will they be able to fix everything before something terrible happens?

  1. American Pyscho (2000)

When a wealthy young professional, Patrick Bateman succumbs to his fantasies, he is unable to keep his hands off crime. Pretending to be a banker by the day and a killer by the night, Patrick hides his dark secret from his friends. What really makes Patrick commit these crimes?

  1. Gone Girl (2014)

A New York based writer Nick Dunne and his beautiful wife Amy seem to be a happy couple. At least that’s how they portray their marriage to the public. When Amy mysteriously disappears on the day of the Dunne’s fifth wedding anniversary, all eyes of suspicion fall on Nick. Nick’s façade of their false happy marriage comes crumbling down when he is pressurized by the police and the media. Everyone starts questioning the truth of Dunne’s marriage.

  1. Prisoners (2013)

The worst day of his life befalls on Keller Dover when his six-year-old daughter and her friend go missing. As the only lead is a motorhome that is parked outside Keller’s house, Detective Loki arrests the driver of the motorhome. Keller decides to take matters into his own hands when the driver is released due to lack of evidence. Did Keller make the right decision or will this lead to something horrible?

Thrillers are definitely the best thrill givers! These movies are crafted so beautifully that you will always feel that you are a part of it. Feel the goosebumps yet? No? Go watch these movies to experience the real excitement through the digital screen!

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