What is the best way to spend your Sunday night? We have the answer! Grab a bowl of popcorn and watch a romantic movie! This genre can be blended with other genres to create something beautiful, take rom-coms as an example! The ending of the movie affects us very deeply. If it’s a happy ending one, we feel instantly happy but if the movie ends in heartbreak, we even let a few drops of tears escape our eyes. If you are a hopeless romantic or you just want to uplift your mood, this list of some amazing romantic movies is something you might not want to miss!

  1. Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

Patrizio Solatano ends up in a mental institution after losing both his wife and job. After he is released, he starts to live with his parents in their house. He looks for ways to reunite with his wife, and then one day meets Tiffany who agrees to help him to get back his wife. Supported by an incredible cast, this romantic drama is beautifully acted out with the emotions delivered beautifully.

  1. The Proposal (2009)

In order to escape her deportation back to Canada, editor Margaret Tate convinces her American assistant Andrew Paxton to marry her. Andrew and Margaret hate each other but a hilarious comedy follows when they both visit Andrew’s hometown in Alaska. While coping up with their false pretense of love, they are caught in between a family drama. Do they marry or Margaret ends up being deported back?

  1. Elena Undone (2010)

This movie is about finding love and solace in the least expected person and at the most unexpected time. Elena who is married to a pastor meets lesbian writer Peyton in an adoption center. The two women are instantly drawn towards each other. What follows is a story of true love and breaking the norms of the society to find real happiness.

  1. The Holiday (2006)

Two heartbroken women decide to swap their houses during Christmas. Amanda Woods has a huge posh house in America and on the other hand Iris owns a small but comfortable cottage in Britain. Both the women fall in love with a local man. However what happens to their relationship once they are back home?

  1. 13 Going on 30 (2004)

Teenager Jenna is tired of her teenage life and wants everything to be perfect. She fantasizes about a perfect life. On the next day of her 13th birthday she wakes up to find herself in her thirties. This perfect romantic movie with a hint of fantasy portrays Jenna’s struggle coping up with her new life and finding love.

  1. Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

Musician Peter Bretter is in a shock when one day his famous girlfriend Sarah Marshall ends their five year relationship. To cope up with his heartbreak, he decides to go to Hawaii. His vacation is ruined when he finds that Sarah had also booked the same resort along with his new boyfriend.

Here’s a spoiler alert, all the above movies have happy endings! Nobody likes a heartbreak and we find it difficult to cope up with it. So why not become cheerful and happy, as these movies make us believe that true love does exist! Love in all form is beautiful and should be appreciated.

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