From the complex characters of imaginary political leaders to some extraordinary biopics, political movies are great to watch! Though politics is a serious issue, the movies revolving around this genre take up different forms. Some movies focus on the serious issue of the government while others try to make things lighter by mocking the system! Throughout these years, this genre has successfully produced many exciting and gripping movies. If you are looking for a change in your genre, these movies are great, to begin with!

  1. Milk (2008)

A biographical film focusing on the struggles of gay activist and politician, Harvey Milk as he tries to fight for gay rights. Milk is also the first gay official to be appointed in public office. The struggles of Milk are depicted amidst the backdrop of 1970s and ultimately ends with his horrifying assassination.

  1. In the Loop (2009)

This comical satire will make anyone doubt politics! In an interview where both United States and United Kingdom have suggested military intervention in the Middle East, British Cabinet Minister Simon Foster unintentionally puts a remark stating that war in Iraq is “unforeseeable”. When Simon visits Washington D.C, a confusion and war of words begin between the politicians who try to manipulate each other before an U.N vote. What soon follows is Simon caught between politicians craving for peace and those wanting to spark a war!

  1. Lincoln (2012)

This movie focusing on the life of American president Abraham Lincoln, is one of the best biopic ever made on a political figure. The great measures taken by Lincoln to end the Civil War and permanently abolish slavery are portrayed in this movie, as he tries to defy all odds to restore humanity and compel the nation and his opposition to aim for peace.

  1. The Ides of March (2011)

The movie centers upon Stephen Meyers who is the campaign manager of Governor Mike Morris a presidential candidate. Not even the great ideas of Mike can make everything go smooth, when Stephen is caught up in a scandal, which threatens Mike’s chance at being President!

  1. Election (1999)

Politics doesn’t always involve adults. In this satirical comedy, a popular and ambitious student Tracy Flick decides to run for school president using not so fair means. When a well-liked teacher Jim McAllister comes to know of her tactics, he succeeds in convincing Paul, a student athlete to run against her. A bitter dispute starts between Jim and Tracy when she comes to know of Jim’s involvement. This movie on school politics depicts the exact scenario that happens in real life politics!

Political movies aim at depicting the real feuds and tactics involved in real-life politics. Though these movies have little or no light-hearted comical scenes, they teach us the way the political systems work and the mindset of some of the greatest political figures the world has ever produced. What other better way to get an insight into politics, than watch these movies? So what’s your vote?

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