This is the website for SPITFIRE. It is still under construction, as you may have guessed! We will add to it as time allows.

SPITFIRE is a feature documentary about the people and the planes that helped win the Second World War. Through people personally connected to the events, this film will investigate the story of how the Spitfire, its stable-mate, the Hawker Hurricane and its great adversary, the Messerschmitt 109 came into being during the huge advances in aviation in the interwar period. And then how the pilots fared in combat, three miles up in the skies over Europe, Africa and Asia.

Unlike the dozens of programmes that have been made for television, this film is intended for theatrical release. We intend its scope to be larger, its investigations wider-ranging and its storytelling more involving than anything that has come before. We won’t shy away from the engineering aspects of the aircraft’s design, nor neglect the history of the era. Through air-to-air filming, dramatic CGI and re-mastered archive film, we will bring to life the emotional, thoughtful and detailed recollections of the veterans who lived through those dramatic days.

For news of how we are progressing with the film, please visit our Facebook page: SPITFIRE: The Feature Documentary.



  1. Looking forward to seeing this ambitious project develop. Paul Beaver, author of SPITFIRE EVOLUTION and SPITFIRE PEOPLE

    • admin (Author)

      Thank you Paul! It was great to meet you down at Southampton Airport for the Spitfire’s 80th birthday. And we look forward to seeing you again, as we press on with the film.